Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! Not written in a little while... been really busy with the holidays. As it's a new decade, as well as a new year, and I could really do with some luck/change, I thought I would write some new years resolutions...

1) First and foremost to get a (day) job. At this rate any job will do! Since leaving uni I've found it impossible to get a job, there's only so long you can keep telling yourself it's because you graduated in to a recession, before you start to doubt yourself. I know I need to dedicate more time and effort to that, but with all the rejection it's always so much easier to get lost in the shop/internet/tv/anything other than filling out endless application forms. I'm going to get off my ass and get it sorted!!!

2) To get my drivers liscence and get a car. This I HAVE to do. I HATE the bus!

3) To go to the gym atleast 3 times a week, eat better and loose some weight!!!

4) To continue to build up Heroine Industries, on both etsy and folksy. Reach sales goals, branch out and try new crafts/items, improve photography, advertising?, get some business cards etc...

5) To start doing more illustration, and try to get some commissions. Given that I went to uni for it!!! lol.

6) To stop being one of those people who let their life pass them by, while making plans for it. I will stop just saying I'm going to do stuff and actually do it, and stop leaving things till the last minute (I do that alot)

I hope that wasn't too boring to read lol, but I just really want this year to be one where things finally start happening. So here's to new beginnings!

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