Monday, 26 October 2009

Awsome Rockabilly Online Shops!

Hi folks, I'd just like to quickly say a big thankyou to everyone who has followed me on twitter and fanned me on facebook :) It really is appreciated!

If you haven't already checked out these shops, then you should ;p
The name says it all really! Beautiful and sexy clothing, inspired by retro 'pin up' girls! I've seen photos of retro inspired wedding dresses they've made for people - so if you're thinking of a 50's/rockabilly inspired wedding you should definatly check them out! As well as the usual dresses and tops etc..., they also sell mens wear, swimwear, jewellery, house ware and lingerie!
Lots of mens wear! Aswell as clothing, they also sell magazines and books, accessories and music! They have some awsome hair styling products for that perfect pompadour!
Lucky13's official store! Including lots of exclusive band merch!
UK site for rockabilly influenced women's wear, shoes, jewellery and accessories.
UK site selling hand picked, one-off vintage clothes and accessories from 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. They also have vintage wedding dresses for sale!

coffin creepers
Mens brothel creepers. They also sell veggie creepers and a couple of women's creepers!

Great sellection of clothing, handbags, shoes, rockabilly baby clothes!, and home wares!

Friday, 23 October 2009

So I gave in and joined Twitter

So I've been reading for ages about twitter on etsy, though very mixed reviews from people. So I gave in and joined today. I figure it's free and another way to get the word out so it's all good. I just really don't want to be one of these people who tweet that they're going to bed or making a cup of coffee! I think then I would really just have to shoot myself.

Unfortunately twitter has a stupidly short user name limit, so I couldn't even fit HeroineIndustries as a user name! So I had to settle for HeroineInd (after a lovely person on the etsy forums mentioned that i could use the abbreviation of industries - which never even occurred to me *D'oh*)

So anyways, enough rambling, here it is -

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I just wanna say 'Thankyou' to everyone who has 'fan'd me on facebook :) so far I have 61 fans and I only made it last tuesday! So cheers everyone for your support, and that goes to everyone who reads my blog and has followed me on here :)

You can fan me here -> Heroine Industries on Facebook

It's my dad's birthday today, and my mum's 50th next wednesday! Lots of presents to buy! I got my dad a gig ticket for Magnum (80's hair metal band) which is on 4th nov. I thought it would make a good present, men are always so difficult to buy for! I rang this morning to say happy birthday and he got it ok (i wasn't sure it would arrive on time because of the mess with royal mail atm) and said it was the best present he got :) so it was money well spent.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Facebook Fan Page

I made a Facebook fan page today, it's not got loads on it yet, but I'm going to keep updating it! ^_^ I've seen people talking about them on the etsy forums, so thought I would try it out. I might venture in to setting up a twitter page, but I spend so much time online as it is! I don't know if i should keep making work for myself?
If you have any suggestions or comments i'd love to hear them...

Anyways, please come along and become a 'fan' you can find the page at the link below ;


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Has anyone else noticed a lack of emphasis on Feedback on etsy?

I've noticed this not just with my own shop but on other people's too. I'll be looking at a shop and notice they've had like 300+ sales, but they only have a 100 - 200 feedback. Next time you look at a shop look at how many people have left feedback, compared to how many items have sold...
Feedback is very important, for both the seller and potential customers. It proves you deliver your items and that if they buy from you they aren't just sending their money to some interweb black hole! For the seller it also lets you know that you haven't just posted your item in to a postal black hole... you think, "did it arrive?"(especially when Royal Mail is involved *cough*) "were they happy with it?"

I've also noticed on other peoples feedback (luckily this hasn't happened to me yet) when people have left 'positive' feedback but they haven't actually written a single word. It's just blank. I mean how lazy does someone have to be? Perhaps I'm a bit childish, but I'm always super excited when something arrives, and I have so far (on etsy) been very very happy with the items I've purchased. The sellers have gone out of their way to beautifully package the items, written me a little thankyou card, messaged me on etsy etc... I think it is just polite to leave feedback and let them know that a)the item arrived safely and b)i am very happy with said item.
I don't understand why if you are happy with the item you would not leave feedback? and if there was a problem, why not message the seller and tell them the problem and see if it can be fixed?

I've been selling on Ebay since 2005, and only started on etsy this summer. Feedback is left alot more on ebay, and is promoted as being fairly important on ebay, I've had sellers message me to leave feedback because I haven't done it straight away. Though Ebay have made it so sellers can ONLY leave positive even if the buyer doesn't pay, you can't leave a negative feedback?

What do you think? Do you sell on either site? What is your experience with feedback?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Yet More New(er) Items

Starting to wonder if I make too much stuff? Oh well I just love making my little bits and pieces :)
I'll only post a couple up this time lol. (photos link to item) For the rest you can check them out in the shop!

Hand-painted 'I LOVE ZOMBIES' necklace

Set of 6 - Kitsch Wine Glass Charms. Great for a girly night in or a party, never missplace your drink again!

Kitsch Dinosaur and Stripey Bead Earrings