Monday, 28 September 2009

Brand New Items :)

I've been busy listing lots of new items today :) Here is a peak at a few of them (the photos link to items) :)

Batman and stripey beads Necklace

Pink and Black 'Love Gun' Earrings (I also have these for sale in red and black)

Ahoy Sailor - Anchor Necklace

Small London Postcard Pin

Zombie Love / Heart Necklace

Kawaii Tinkerbell Beaded Bracelet

I didn't get round to listing my other new items in the Ebay Heroine Industries shop. I'll have to do that tomorrow :) But I already have a little box filled with new charms and bits and pieces that have arrived! I always feel like a little kid at christmas when new charms arrive and can't wait to get crafting away! I'm sure anyone who likes to make things is the same?

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Another blog to take up my time ;)

Hello folks. I have just started a new blog for my other etsy shop, Toadstool Hollow. You can find the blog here -> Toadstool Hollow Blog
I do enjoy blogging, but it will certainly be interesting seeing if I can keep up to date with 2 blogs and 2 shops! (not including the ebay one!) It's a good thing I enjoy doing this, lol.

I have lots of new items I am going to be listing tomorrow and over the weekend, so I hope you will come check them out ^_^ I have a job interview tomorrow morning (for a marketing/sales job) even though I have no experience, so fingers crossed! I would much rather spend the rest of the day making new items and listing, but unfortunatly I need to spend the rest of the day preparing for this interview tomorrow (as I am so bad at them!) If only I could find a way of going in to the interview without feeling like a bag of nerves (that doesn't involve drinking a bottle of vodka and being asked politely to leave)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

R.I.P Patrick Swayze

I found out this morning Patrick Swayze lost his 2 year battle with pancreatic cancer :,( He was only 57. Like most girls my age, and well, older and younger, I love Dirty Dancing. I have lost count of how many times I've watched that film over the years. I remember watching it as a teenager everytime I got my heart broken. There's just something special about it. My thoughts go out to his wife, family and loved ones. He will be greatly missed. x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Yay :) 2 sales today & I opened a New Shop

Yay I got 2 sales on etsy today :) lol. And i sold a bracelet and necklace on E-bay this week :) I know that's probably not alot to the bigger sellers, but I had been a little bit worried after spending alot of time on the forums and trying to promote the shop that maybe i was doing something wrong? But this was a great start to my day :)

I also decided to open a new shop and move all the wicca themed items there. The Heroine Industries shop is very much for kitsch, rockabilly, kawaii and emo items. But i've wanted to do some celtic/pagan and fairy themed items and artwork and didn't think they would fit in with the original shop. So instead of confusing customers I decided to open a new shop, Toadstool Hollow (it's not got alot in it yet but will soon be stocked with fun new items :) to go to the shop you can click the banner below :)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

New September Items :)

Hi folks :) I posted some new items yesterday. I've been trying to add items as late as possible because of the time difference between here and the US, (because when you first list items they appear at the top of searches) and I wanted to list them when as many people as possible were online. But after a lot of late nights, I've realised there's not much point me staying up till 1 in the morning, when it's still only the afternoon over there! So i'm just going to have to do stuff on a UK timescale and hope people still find me!

Here are some of the new items;

Kawaii Strawberry Felt Brooch

Kawaii Halloween Pumpkin Bag Charm

Day Of The Dead - Rainbow Skulls Necklace

Self-Confessed Geek Necklace

Believe - Follow Your Heart Necklace

There are lots of other new items in the shop too :) I've also been asked to be one of the first 10 members of a new street team on etsy for UK Kawaii :) I'm not a member of a street team yet. I've been meaning to join some of the uk ones, but alot of them seem to be mainly ran through yahoo, which i don't really use. Actually I should probabaly go read what you actually do in a street team first, lol.

Peace out x

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Etsy Finds - Alice In Wonderland

I have to admit I am slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, and even though Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland film isn't out till next year...I thought I would share with you some of the tasty Alice treats I found on etsy :) (photos link to listing - shop name links to their shop)


Alice in wonderland Pocket moleskine cahier by Champignons


'Pink alice in wonderland disney style fabric covered pocket mirror' by flirtbuttons


Mome Rath from Alice in Wonderland by chantelstar


Dark Creepy Alice in Wonderland w Cheshire Cat Goth Fantasy Art Print by karlaruizart


Alice in Wonderland Fascinator by savoytruffles


Alice in Wonderland all Around Charm Bracelet by justbedesigns

Friday, 4 September 2009

Wear Your Heart On Your Skin

When I first joined etsy, I just listed things and that was it really. But I've been spending a bit of time over the last couple of days looking through etsy, on the forums, for advice and tips etc... at items. I have to keep reminding myself the prices are in dollars, because I keep looking and thinking "wow that's a lot!" and then I use a currency converter online and realise actually it's not. I guess I'm a little slow, lol. It is a bit annoying though to have to keep having to convert amounts to figure out if i can afford to buy something or to figure out how much to list something for.

I am still looking for a "day job." Like people who want to be in a band have a "day job" while they try and make it with their band...except I want to try and 'make it' with my art and crafts. I guess I'm a bit geekier than a rock star.
A friend of mine has mentioned a couple of times about going and doing some work experience at the tattoo shop he works at. It would mean I could draw, and I think any job where I could draw and have some creativity would be awsome. The only problem is that I do need some money coming in, but while I'm applying for stuff I'm going to put a portfolio together and see what happens :) When I've got some bits drawn up mayb I'll put them up on here :)

While I was busy making some bits and pieces for the etsy shop (which I'm REALLY pleased with and can't wait to put up over the next week :D) this programme came on which was pretty cool. It was about people who live like they are in a particular decade. Like the 30's, 40's or 50's. They dress like it, do their hair and make-up. Have those kind of morals, beliefs and marriages/relationships. Drive cars from those decades. And when they showed their homes it was amazing, their entire home was done up in that decade, all the furniture, kitchen appliances, decor. Everything! Now that's commitment! I'd love to know how the 1940's ones did their hair, they looked amazing.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Items and usefull Tag Finder tool

I listed some new items last night and this morning and thought I would show you them :)

Wild West Care Bears Derringer Gun Necklace

Halloween Colours (purple, orange, black and white) Charm Bracelet

Pink Fender Rock Star Plectrum Bracelet

Las Vegas Slots Machine Ring

Psychobilly Skeleton Charm Bracelet

I found an interesting tool on the etsy forums today, you type a tag in to it and it helps you to find the best set of tags for your item, and gives you prices items with those tags sell for.