Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I've been featured in my 4th and 5th treasurys! :D

In the space of a month Heroine Industries has been featured in 5 treasurys on etsy!!! It's kind of strange because I hadn't been featured in any, and then loads come at once! But hey I'm not complaining! It's a really nice compliment and I always like to see what the other items are, and how the theme comes together through totally different items.

Unfortunatly I don't have a screen shot of the 4th treasury as it was on the 26th Jan and has ran out. I was a bit pre-occupied with the magazine coming out, and forgot to get a screen shot of it. But I'd like to thank Lisa of gemandicollection for featuring me in her treasury (and if anyone has a screen shot of it I'd really appreciate it?)

And my Pretty In Pink Glitter Packed Ring has been featured in StudioSeventyFive's treasury -> "Pixe Dust Treasury" (which you can see a screen shot of below!)