Monday, 5 April 2010

I need 6 people for an Art Swap :)

I was asked on folksy to take part, and now need to find 6 others interested....


I am taking part in this art swap on Konnie Kapows blog.

I now need to find 6 others to take part. Would you be interested? You would only need to send out one piece of art, and you would recieve a few ( i think if it goes right about 6) in return.

You would need to find 6 others also.

The art can be a picture, something knitted, a felt plushie, jewellery, crochet, what ever your thing is :)

If you are intersted in doing this, let me know and i will send you the details. You can message me here (in the comments) with your email address, or email me at

I can't wait to get little suprises in the mail :) Now I need to decide what to make too....


  1. I'm interested! :)

    madametj AT gmail DOT com

  2. thanks Tyler, now I just need 4 more. I will email you the info you need :)