Saturday, 29 August 2009

A blog post about blog posts...

I had a really lovely birthday :) (i'm having birthday cake for breakfast as I write this lol) and I've just been looking at the Etsy forums after not going on for 2 days. I think being in the UK the timing might be a bit funny for going on the forums, last time I was on it was nearly midnight here and it was very very busy!!! Every time i refreshed the whole page was full of new topics. I guess it would probably be early evening in most of America at that time? But now (it's 11:30am here) it's very quiet. Which makes it a lot easier to read things lol.

A lot of posts I noticed were asking things like "what do you blog about?" and "do you blog about just business or personal things as well?" - I don't have an awful lot of posts, but was thinking about it, and I think if you are selling handmade items, your business is already quite personal, and it's a personal touch that your customers like. But then you also want to keep it professional to an extent. I guess it really comes down to personal preference.

I've been thinking last couple of days about getting ready for halloween and christmas (shop wise) will post more on that close to the time. I already have a few Halloween themed items (just coz i love hallowen all year long) ...


  1. Hey nice items. The first somehow reminds me of all the Twilight hype.

  2. I think balance is the key. Try to be professional but giving some personal touch wouldn't hurt your blog. Your readers like your work, but also like to know something behind your work.

  3. lol! blog post about blog post. i love it! haha.

    how lucky.. cake for breakfast ;)

  4. thanks guys :) I really appreciate your comments!