Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Can't recommend Mookychick.co.uk enough!

I stumbled across Mookychick.co.uk a while ago, whilst looking for info about looking for work with brightly dyed hair/piercings etc... (there really isn't alot of info out there)
If you've not visited mookychick before, it's basicly a girly site for alternative girls (finally!!!) that has stuff about fashion, makeup, manga, feminism, work/interview tips/alternative jobs, craft and diy stuff, music reviews, spirituality, riot grrrl stuff, tattoos, piercings etc.......

In there own words;
"Your source for Riot Grrrl, Goth, Emo, Burlesque, Geek, Feminist, Gothic Lolita, Wicca, Harajuku, how to tips, makeup tips, beauty tips and undiluted joy - Mookychick"

click on the link below to go to their site ^_^



  1. Hmmm, great site actually. I'm going to browse it some more after I go "heart" your Etsy shop. Such cute things!!! FUN!

  2. thanks fern :D there is alot on there to read!