Monday, 16 November 2009

Seeing Red

I decided to dye my hair (bright) red last week, after having it bleached blonde for 3 years. Mostly just because I wanted to give my hair a break from bleaching as it's made it quite weak and fine. I'm naturally a dark blonde/mousy light brown colour, so i needed something that would cover that as well as bleached hair :s (I used to dye it bright red, and i mean proper crayola/letter box red! But I had to bleach it to get it that colour, and was tryin to find a red that would still get a bright colour without bleaching...)

First I tried a bright red from L'Oreal (recital preference - 7.6 Incadescent pure red), and I was pretty scared b4 I did it (i remember havin to wait ages for the red to fade last time i had it b4 i could lighten it) It didn't come out too great, it had made the bleached part of my hair a bright red/orange but the roots hadnt really taken the dye as well and you could still see my roots :s The colour started to fade after only a week, and I was paranoid it was looking orange...
So yesturday I went and got a darker/deeper red from the Live Color XXL by Schwarzkopf (43 passion red) and it looks much better! It actually managed to turn my roots the exact same colour as the rest, so it finally alllooks one colour and is alot brighter! I just hope it isn't gonna fade as much as the L'Oreal!

If i thought I could dye it pink and it wouldn't effect my chances of looking for a job I would have done it!!! Think I will prob go backto a blonde in the spring, and if I'm lucky enough to have found a job by then that won't freak out about me having pink hair i'll do it pink!


  1. FUN! I once had red highlights, but just let them grow out. The up-keep was so expensive! If I were to put highlights in again, it'd be in the red family, rather than the yellow :) Not bold enough to do pink. You're brave :)

  2. thanks fern :) red is a real pain to keep bright too! fades so fast! >_<