Monday, 2 November 2009

I think I'm going to close my Ebay shop!

I've been thinking about it for a while, mostly because of money reasons. But also I've noticed for a long time now Ebay have been targeting their sellers and making life hard for them and I just give up! And after looking more closely at it today I'd say it's definitely something I have to do, unfortunately.

I went on today and saw my fees were £22, which I was a bit surprised at given I've hardly listed anything and only payed it a short while ago. I just can't afford their fees every month! I end up spending the money I make on etsy on paying my ebay fees! They've deliberately made ebay as over complicated as possible, especially for sellers! I had a look at some of thees new sections in the myebay section and came across these "detailed seller ratings" and it says i am "below standard" on 'performance' which I really don't understand because I have a feedback score of 1446 that is 100% positive?!!!!! n it says they might enforce selling limitations if it "continues" but i don't know what I've done wrong!? It almost feels like Ebay don't want sellers on their website?! Like they're trying to trip you up every step of the way. And even though lots of other kitsch jewellery makers have left I've stuck with them, but no more.

Here's a list of the reasons that really tipped the scale for me;

1) In September I made £59.02, but ebay and paypal fees were £32.94! More than half the money!

2) I realised where those huge fees came from today.....when I signed up for a basic shop a couple of years ago it was £6 a month. It is now £14.99! This has gone up without me even knowing about it!!! I have two shops on etsy...both are FREE, how can Ebay justify charging £14.99 a month just for the privilege of a shop!? And sneakily put the price up without notifying you!

3) Sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback. They can only leave positive feedback! Even when buyers don't pay for the item!!! Totally unfair and just another way they have targeted sellers.

4) It's much quicker and easier for me to list on etsy. I personally find etsy alot simpler to use now.

5) Their seller fees (for listing an item) have gone up so much since I first started selling on there in 2005. They got greedy and started charging sellers such huge amounts many have left.

I don't know what ebay is thinking, but who ever is in charge needs to realise that if they don't have any sellers there won't be anything for their buyers to buy = no buyers either!!!
It's a real shame because I've had it for a few years now, but Ebay have made it impossible. I think I will keep the account and list the odd thing, just to keep a bit of a presence on there.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has sold on ebay and had a similar experience? Did you used to have a shop on there? Do you still have a shop on ebay or have you closed it? I'd love to hear from you...


  1. I didn't even consider ebay after I saw how much money they charge for everything. I also have a problem with the feedback system. Seems extremely difficult to make a profit there. I love etsy!

  2. yeah it is (difficult to make a profit) was quite sad to close it after having it for so many years :(

  3. My husband works for a company that lists a lot of watches and suchlike on ebay...and he's been saying all the same things. It's almost impossible to have a worthwhile business on ebay anymore, it seems!