Friday, 4 September 2009

Wear Your Heart On Your Skin

When I first joined etsy, I just listed things and that was it really. But I've been spending a bit of time over the last couple of days looking through etsy, on the forums, for advice and tips etc... at items. I have to keep reminding myself the prices are in dollars, because I keep looking and thinking "wow that's a lot!" and then I use a currency converter online and realise actually it's not. I guess I'm a little slow, lol. It is a bit annoying though to have to keep having to convert amounts to figure out if i can afford to buy something or to figure out how much to list something for.

I am still looking for a "day job." Like people who want to be in a band have a "day job" while they try and make it with their band...except I want to try and 'make it' with my art and crafts. I guess I'm a bit geekier than a rock star.
A friend of mine has mentioned a couple of times about going and doing some work experience at the tattoo shop he works at. It would mean I could draw, and I think any job where I could draw and have some creativity would be awsome. The only problem is that I do need some money coming in, but while I'm applying for stuff I'm going to put a portfolio together and see what happens :) When I've got some bits drawn up mayb I'll put them up on here :)

While I was busy making some bits and pieces for the etsy shop (which I'm REALLY pleased with and can't wait to put up over the next week :D) this programme came on which was pretty cool. It was about people who live like they are in a particular decade. Like the 30's, 40's or 50's. They dress like it, do their hair and make-up. Have those kind of morals, beliefs and marriages/relationships. Drive cars from those decades. And when they showed their homes it was amazing, their entire home was done up in that decade, all the furniture, kitchen appliances, decor. Everything! Now that's commitment! I'd love to know how the 1940's ones did their hair, they looked amazing.


  1. Wouldn't it be brilliant if etsy displayed prices in dollars and pounds?!?! I think I might put a link to a currency converter in my listings, but I don't want to clutter them up. Hmmm.

  2. Yeah it would be good! I guess they have to wait till they get bigger like ebay befor they can do that? That sounds like a good idea!!

    I use this one atm;{ifsearch:1}{ifcontent:0}.{creative}.{keyword}.{placement}.currency+converter