Thursday, 24 September 2009

Another blog to take up my time ;)

Hello folks. I have just started a new blog for my other etsy shop, Toadstool Hollow. You can find the blog here -> Toadstool Hollow Blog
I do enjoy blogging, but it will certainly be interesting seeing if I can keep up to date with 2 blogs and 2 shops! (not including the ebay one!) It's a good thing I enjoy doing this, lol.

I have lots of new items I am going to be listing tomorrow and over the weekend, so I hope you will come check them out ^_^ I have a job interview tomorrow morning (for a marketing/sales job) even though I have no experience, so fingers crossed! I would much rather spend the rest of the day making new items and listing, but unfortunatly I need to spend the rest of the day preparing for this interview tomorrow (as I am so bad at them!) If only I could find a way of going in to the interview without feeling like a bag of nerves (that doesn't involve drinking a bottle of vodka and being asked politely to leave)

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