Thursday, 10 September 2009

New September Items :)

Hi folks :) I posted some new items yesterday. I've been trying to add items as late as possible because of the time difference between here and the US, (because when you first list items they appear at the top of searches) and I wanted to list them when as many people as possible were online. But after a lot of late nights, I've realised there's not much point me staying up till 1 in the morning, when it's still only the afternoon over there! So i'm just going to have to do stuff on a UK timescale and hope people still find me!

Here are some of the new items;

Kawaii Strawberry Felt Brooch

Kawaii Halloween Pumpkin Bag Charm

Day Of The Dead - Rainbow Skulls Necklace

Self-Confessed Geek Necklace

Believe - Follow Your Heart Necklace

There are lots of other new items in the shop too :) I've also been asked to be one of the first 10 members of a new street team on etsy for UK Kawaii :) I'm not a member of a street team yet. I've been meaning to join some of the uk ones, but alot of them seem to be mainly ran through yahoo, which i don't really use. Actually I should probabaly go read what you actually do in a street team first, lol.

Peace out x